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How Can You Help When a Family Member is Diagnosed?

When we talk about cancer in families, the focus understandably tends to fall on the affected patient. As anyone who has dealt with this situation understands though, this kind of diagnosis is very difficult for the rest of the family as well.

Liz H.

Choosing to Use Your Voice

Liz shares her experience of her bladder cancer diagnosis, deciding to not be silent about her cancer, and her drive to become a bladder cancer advocate. "You don’t have to reach the masses with your experience, you just have to reach one person."

Christian B.

Chemo Preparation Checklist: What To Expect, Side Effects, and More

What should you expect for your first chemo treatment? Those who have gone through it write about their experiences and ways for you to prepare.

Shelley N.

Ten Tips for a Chemotherapy Prep Checklist

There aren’t many things that can help you feel better while you’re going through chemotherapy, but these can maybe make the journey a bit more comfortable.

Cancer & COVID: What you Need to Know about Vaccination

Get Dr. Dan's medical perspective about key points that cancer patients and survivors need to know about COVID and vaccinations.

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