Our community is free from judgment and focuses on your humanity and the value you bring.

This is a place where you can connect to others with similar experiences, find information that is tailored to your specific needs, and learn about the power you have when you find and use your voice. The GRYT Health cancer community spans a multitude of online spaces. Our goal is to empower individuals to be in charge of their own health through education, engagement, and support.

Our community was built by cancer patients and caregivers for cancer patients and caregivers.

We are passionate and supportive, yet real and raw. We’ll cry with you or give you a kick in the pants depending on the day.

We see the power of uniting patients and know that we are stronger and more resilient, together. We won’t sugar coat it that getting through cancer will be easy, but we will empower you through support, education and advocacy to be in charge of your own health.

We strive to ensure all of our online spaces are free from judgment and focus on the humanity and value each person brings.

We welcome you to engage however is appropriate for you.

You can be a GRYT Health community member in any way you wish to be, whether that is being an active participant who brings their voice to discussions or someone that wants to sit back and digest information.

As a member of our community, you are invited to attend member focused programming to educate and empower you, tell your story, and participate in relevant research opportunities to improve care and advance science through The GRYT Project.

We follow three principals in everything we do: permission, transparency, and partnership. By joining our GRYT Health community, your data is safe and secure and will never be shared without your explicit permission.

Below are the cancer community spaces that we offer. Some leverage third-party platforms to bring the conversation where you're comfortable; others are on our own managed platforms that allow safe and anonymous discussions.

The GRYT Health Platform - Website Access

You can access our own managed cancer community platform on a laptop or desktop computer. Additionally - it has a mobile-responsive design to allow you also to access it on a mobile or tablet device. With this community space you have access to a community of patients, survivors and caregivers like you. Upon completion of sign up, you will be matched with others with similar experiences and who are available to offer support.

Sign Up or Sign In

The GRYT Health Platform - App Download

If you're someone that prefers to use apps on your mobile or tablet device, we have an "appswer" for that! Our cancer community app is available to download at the two most popular app stores: The Apple App Store and at the Google Play Store.

Apple App Store

Android App on Google Play

Vivibot - Your 24/7 Cancer Community Support Mental Health Helper

Vivibot is a mental health and wellness chatbot designed for AYA cancer patients and survivors. For less than 10 minutes a day, she will guide you through self-reflection and an exercise to help you face those feelings many on the GRYT Health team know when you or someone you know is going through cancer. She is available on the platform via web access as well as on our platform apps.

She is a chatbot that listens. Dedicate 10 minutes a day and get through all 28 of her lessons!

Learn More About Vivibot

Social Media Cancer Communities

GRYT Health has established social media accounts at several different social media networks. We look to both share our own unique content and programming as well as highlight GRYT Health approved partner resources.

Click on the logos below to follow us at your favorite social media networks:

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