Gryt Health is a digital health company created for one purpose: 

To help cancer patients and caregivers find the help they’re looking for at the time they’re looking for it.

We are cancer patients and caregivers from healthcare consulting, pharmacy, Wall Street, e-commerce and health communications. Each of us faced cancer as a young adult and struggled to find the resources to first save and to then rebuild our lives. We are dedicated to making that journey easier to navigate and with better outcomes than what we found it to be.

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David Fuehrer

Young Adult Survivor
Chief Executive Officer


Why did we create this company?

I was diagnosed with testicular cancer twice in my twenties. As I was rebuilding my life, we lost my father to bladder cancer. It was more than I could handle. I needed to do something to help others facing the same impossible situations.

My wife and I used our life savings, along with $97,000 from my father’s passing, to start Gryt Health. Our team consists of some of the most talented individuals from healthcare, pharmacy, research, mobile and Wall Street. They are also young adult cancer survivors and caregivers. It is my honor to work with them everyday.

The difficult we do immediately. The impossible just takes a little longer.
— Craig J. Fuehrer

Why have I put my heart and capital into Gryt Health?

My cancer, an acute form of leukemia, announced its arrival by killing my sweet baby girl, with whom I was twenty weeks pregnant. Over the dark weeks that followed, it tried to kill me, too. Multiple times. One night, as my body was failing, I asked my ICU nurse if I was going to die. She burst into tears and fled my bedside. The following morning, I was awakened by sunlight on my face. Now, years later, I feel a responsibility to help other young adults, who are affected by cancer, through their darkest days and beyond.

The mission of Gryt Health encompasses two equally important objectives: 1) improving quality of life for cancer patients and survivors and 2) contributing to the search for cures. 

I feel incredibly blessed to have this opportunity to be involved with a company that has so much potential to do good.

Shelley Nolden

Young Adult APL Survivor

Meet The Founders

David Fuehrer

Co-Founder & CEO

David has managed 100 research and innovation projects for Pfizer, General Electric and many others.  He has helped launch new products and services across North America, Europe and China. 

David has an MBA in Technology Management from Rochester Institute of Technology and has completed Executive Education at Harvard (Building New Ventures) and MIT (Corporate Strategy).

Kenny Kane

Co-Founder & CTO

Kenny became his father’s primary caregiver while he was still in high school. Since then, Kenny has traveled to all 50 states in the name of young adult cancer, co-hosted an award winning podcast, helped build a global non-profit and served as Board Chair to the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of New York City.

Today, Kenny is a non-profit CEO, a tech enthusiast, a lover of ecommerce, an advisor to multiple startups, and a Long Islander living in Austin, TX.

Brad Love, PhD


Brad has dedicated the past 10 years to adolescent and young adult cancer research.  His research aims to improve adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer survivorship through the development of evidence-based supportive resources and decision support interventions. 

Brad’s work focuses on better understanding the unique experiences of AYAs facing late and long-term physical effects (e.g., infertility), psychosocial difficulties, and financial stress and their supportive care needs. Brad is the Associate Director of The Center for Health Communication, University of Texas